2017 BMW Z4 release date, mpg, price

2017 BMW Z4 release date, mpg, price

2017 BMW Z4 release date, mpg, price – The current model of the Z4 has been released back in 2009 and since then it did not receive any real updates. Last year most people thought that the car was going to be discontinued but not too long ago BMW announced a partnership with Toyota in which they are going to build a new platform for a rear wheel drive convertible. Our best bet would be that the new BMW Z4 2017 is in fact going to use this platform which it will share with the upcoming Toyota Supra. The platform is expected to be lighter, stronger and easier to make than the previous one and thanks to materials like carbon fiber composites or aluminum, it will certainly be one of the most advanced in the World.

2017 BMW Z4 release date, mpg, price

2017 BMW Z4 release date and price

It is unclear for now about the 2017 BMW Z4 price or even release date of this future model but it seems that BMW is going to announce in last months of 2016 while the car will be ready for sale by the start of 2017. Its price will likely be similar to that of the current model, meaning the base model will cost around $50,000 while a fully equipped version or a possible M model could fetch more than $80,000 which is already Porsche territory.

2017 BMW Z4 release date, mpg, price

New BMW Z4 2017 specs

The engines in the new BMW Z4 2017 are going to be either all new or upgraded versions from the other BMW cars. It seems that the base model will stick with a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 but this is going to be developed from scratch for it and for the Supra. It is unclear about how much power it is going to make but early figures suggest a base power of 250 horsepower and 290 lb-ft of torque. The Z4 sDrive30i will also make use of this engine instead of the usual 6 cylinder 3.0 liter one. However, in this application, the small 2.0 liter model could make up to 350 horsepower and more than 340 lb-ft of torque which is actually more than the previous is version.

The high performance versions of the car will include both the xDrive35is as well as the 2017 BMW Z4 M. Both of these should make use of the same 6 cylinder 3.0 liter engine with one or two turbos for an output between 390 horsepower for the is model and up to 440 horsepower for the Z4 M, more than the equivalent M3. The car is also likely going to make use of a new 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and it will be available either with rear or all wheel drive, depending on the model of choice.

New BMW Z4 2017 release date, mpg, price

2017 BMW Z4 redesign

The design is going to be new but at the same time familiar for all those people who owned a BMW before. The front end is likely going to borrow design elements from the new 3 and 4 Series cars while the back as well as the profile will be all new. The proportions of the car are also likely going to be kept because the long hood and short back end give it a really nice sports car stance. Technologies such as the leaser headlights or active aerodynamics are also going to be present on the new Z4.

2017 BMW Z4 release date, mpg, price

Inside the cabin on the other hand, the new BMW Z4 2017 is going to take a new approach to what a great interior means. In fact, the car will likely adopt a more minimalistic style which will allow the driver to concentrate on the way the car feels. However, the 2017 BMW Z4 will continue to offer things like a head-up display which will offer all the information the driver needs while a massive screen on the center console is going to act as the command center for the car.

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