2016 Toyota Sienna price, changes, features

2016 Toyota Sienna price, changes, features

2016 Toyota Sienna price, changes, features – The Sienna is the current best seller when it comes to minivans. It is quiet, comfortable and it offers a lot of equipment for the price. On top of that, its engine is quite powerful and even though it is not that fuel efficient when compared to the newer turbocharged offerings, it still is a great choice. However, the current model of the car has been released back in 2009 so its design is quite old and not really up to the task of competing with the newest entries in its class, the Kia Sedona or even the revised Odyssey which is just as old as the Sienna. The new Toyota Sienna 2016 will be a minivan that should be built on the new platform in order to reduce weight and improved fuel economy.

2016 Toyota Sienna price, changes, features

2016 Toyota Sienna price

In order to get back to the top, there is going to be a new model with the 2016 Toyota Sienna which is going to be a completely new car. While it will use an evolution of the current platform, it should be quite a bit lighter as well as more rigid. The running gear will be all new and it should now provide all the driving characteristics everyone was expecting the car to have which it never did. It will be more precise, it will give the driver more confidence and to top it all off, it will be even more comfortable than before. The price for the new generation will keep the entry model at $30,000 while the top end models will fetch well over $50,000 with most extras ticked in.

2016 Toyota Sienna price, changes, features

New Toyota Sienna 2016 features

Under the hood of the new Toyota Sienna 2016 the 3.5 liter V6 from the current model is quite likely going to stay. This is still a great choice for people looking for a relaxed engine to drive and the torque available from quite low down the rev range is perfect for that. However, with the help of direct injection and variable valve timing as well as a modified Atkinson cycle when running at low revs, the new engine should develop around 300 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque, enough to make it one of the more powerful cars in its class. The fuel consumption will go up accordingly, so expect it to get over 20 MPG in the city and up to 29 MPG on the highway which is quite an improvement. The gearbox is also likely going to be upgraded to a new 8 speed automatic which will send its power either to the front or to an all wheel drive system, meaning it will still be the only car in its class offering this feature, a really strong selling point for Toyota.

New Toyota Sienna 2016 price, changes, features

2016 Toyota Sienna changes

The exterior will be brought up to date with the newest design cues in order to make the new Sienna better fit Toyota’s current car roster. The front end is likely going to share similarities with both the Camry as well as the new Avalon. It will get a new grille, a more aggressive grille as well as a smaller drag coefficient thanks to a new hood. These should make it look a bit fresher and it should allow it to compete with the Sedona which has been voted the best looking minivan in its class.

2016 Toyota Sienna price, changes, features


Inside the cabin of the 2016 Toyota Sienna most people are going to feel right at home. There will be enough room for up to eight people which will be able to enjoy the comfort of having enough head and legroom both in the middle as well as in the back of the car. The massive rear sliding doors will help with loading and unloading it and there will be many safety features in order to carry its passengers with no worries. As standard the new Toyota Sienna 2016 will come with 4G LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi and even a BluRay system for the middle and rear seats.

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