2016 Toyota 4Runner price, changes, redesign

2016 Toyota 4Runner price, changes, redesign

2016 Toyota 4Runner price, changes, redesign – The 4Runner is one of the last body-on-frame mid-size crossovers on the market alongside the Nissan Xterra. Being based on a truck, the 4Runner is a lot more capable in off-road than many of its competitors and on top of that, it can also tow a lot more. The only downside is that the car has been around since 2009 and since then it hasn’t changed a bit. However, now that the Tacoma has been revised and it no longer has so much in common with the 4Runner, it would only seem natural for Toyota to update their mid-size crossover as well.

2016 Toyota 4Runner price, changes, redesign

2016 Toyota 4Runner release date and price

Just like with the Tacoma, the 2016 Toyota 4Runner is going to be based on a slightly different platform with more lightweight materials. These should lower its weight under the current 4,400 pounds and it should allow for better on-road handling as well as much better off-road performance. On top of that we can expect from it new engines, a bolder look as well as a more refined interior. The release date for all of these should be around the first half of 2016 while the production model of the 4Runner will be available some time in the late 2016. Its price will likely be no different than that of the current model, so expect the base one to cost around $34,000 while a premium version could cost up to $45,000.

2016 Toyota 4Runner price, changes, redesign

New Toyota 4Runner 2016 changes

Engine wise, the new Toyota 4Runner 2016 will also change quite a bit and in order to become a bit better and more fuel efficient, it will get an all new engine. This will be the same 3.5 liter V6 from the RX or from the Tacoma, but this time it will get port-injection for low-speeds or direct injection for high speed use, just like in the Tacoma. Thanks to that, it should be able to provide with ease around 290 horsepower and 290 lb-ft of torque, more than the old 4 liter V6 of the previous generation. On top of that, this engine should be quite good at towing thanks to its new gearbox, a new 6 speed automatic which will send all of its power either to the rear wheels or to an all wheel drive system.

The 2016 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro model will also feature upgraded shocks and springs, skid plates for the front and center of the car as well as protections for the rear differential. These should help it be very capable in off-road as well as it should allow for a higher ground clearance and the installation of beefier tires.

New Toyota 4Runner 2016 price, changes, redesign

2016 Toyota 4Runner redesign

Its design will not remain unchanged, meaning that the new Toyota 4Runner 2016 will look a bit more refined. The front end should get some design notes from the new generation of the Tacoma with a very similar hexagonal grille in the front but with new headlights with standard Xenon and LED strips. The bumper as well as the entire underside of the car will be protected from debris by tough plastic inserts. At the back a split-tailgate will be offered as standard which will greatly improve the usability of the massive trunk. On top of that, the bumper will feature, as an option, a step-down ladder which will help with loading and unloading the car.

2016 Toyota 4Runner price, changes, redesign

Inside the 2016 Toyota 4Runner things are going to be all new as well. A new dashboard is expected as well as a new layout for the front and rear seats. These should be spaced out more nicely in order to offer more room for the front passengers as well as for those in the rear. The base trim level will be similar to a fully equipped older model, so satellite navigation, leather upholstery and even satellite radio are likely going to be offered as standard.

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