2016 Toyota Highlander review, price, specs

2016 Toyota Highlander review, price, specs

2016 Toyota Highlander review, price, specs – The Highlander is a sensible choice for all those people who not only need a lot of space but also a quiet cabin and powerful engines. The current model is quite new being released back in 2013 but considering the fact most other cars in its class have been updated quite recently, it would only be natural for Toyota to release the mid-cycle refresh of the car sooner than usual. In fact, the new Toyota Highlander 2016 is going to be released in the next few months with the car being expected to be released some time in the early 2016 and the production model should be ready by the mid of 2016.

2016 Toyota Highlander review, price, specs

2016 Toyota Highlander changes and price

The update is going to include updated engines and running gear, a better interior as well as a few design changes which are going to allow the new 2016 Toyota Highlander to compete better with all of its competitors. The price is likely going to stay unchanged so expect the base model of the car to go for around $31,000 while a fully equipped model will likely fetch well over $50,000 which may seem a big sum of money but it is in fact a fair price considering all the kit it comes with. Just like before, the updated model will use the same front wheel drive platform which is perfectly fine for city or on-road use but it isn’t that great in off-road which is a bit of a shame because the all wheel drive system which can be fitted optionally on the car is more than capable. In fact, it is probably one of the best in its class offering great feedback and traction.

2016 Toyota Highlander review, price, specs

New Toyota Highlander 2016 specs

Just as we said, there are going to be a few minor changes in the engine bay which are going to make the new Toyota Highlander 2016 that much better to drive. A new 8-speed automatic is going to be the only offering from Toyota, replacing the old 6 speed gearbox. This will improve the driving experience as well as it will make it a bit more fuel efficient. The base engine could remain the same 2.7-liter inline 4 which is perfectly fine for it, offering a good amount of power at 185 hp but it is a bit lacking in the torque department. The better choice would be the 270 horsepower 3.5-liter V6 or the 280 horsepower V6 hybrid, both of them being both fuel efficient and powerful enough to make the 2016 Highlander feel quite good. A new engine is also a possibility, a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline 4 with around 240 horsepower slotted right between the two. This would provide a good competitor for the EcoBoost Ford as well as for all the other turbochargers crossovers.

New Toyota Highlander 2016 review, price, specs

2016 Toyota Highlander interior review

Its interior is the most impressive thing about this generation of the car and the new Toyota Highlander 2016 will make no exception. It will continue to offer up to eight seats which is more than most others out there. On top of that, there is enough space to carry up to eight adults with ease and the fact that it will come as standard with a lot of safety features as well as many entertainment options, the Highlander will be a perfect option for those with larger families as well as for people looking for a more refined people carrier.

The outside of the 2016 Toyota Highlander will also change in order to better fit Toyota’s new car roster. The front end will be slightly more aerodynamic and it should be better looking while at the back a new bumper is going to find its way. The wheels will also get new designs and for people looking to get a more refined version of the car, an all black version with no chrome is quite possible.

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