2016 Ford Ranger review, price, specs

2016 Ford Ranger review, price, specs

2016 Ford Ranger review, price, specs – The current model of the Ranger has been released back in 2011 so it is not a new model by any means. However, the truck has always been great and it also offered everything its buyer needed, from greatly efficient engines all the way up to one of the best interiors on any production truck. However, because there are now new trucks out there, a new model has been demanded for quite a bit of time. While many hoped for an all new truck, it seems that the new Ford Ranger 2016 is actually going to be an update of the current model which will include an all new design as well as slightly upgraded engines.

2016 Ford Ranger review, price, specs

2016 Ford Ranger model review

This is needed because for the first time in this model’s history, with the exception of the American made Ranger, the truck is going to be made available in the US. Unlike the European version though, it will only come with two engine options and only one of these is going to be a diesel. The release date has been set for the end of 2015 or early 2016 and it will be available starting at around $21,000 which is more than its main competitor, the Tacoma, while in Europe it will likely come with a higher price tag due to the lack of competition and the more upmarket interior of that version.

2016 Ford Ranger review, price, specs

New Ford Ranger 2016 diesel specs

Under the hood of the new Ford Ranger 2016 there are going to be the same engines as before with an exception. The US model of the truck will most likely use the 2.0-liter 240 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque EcoBoost inline 4, mated to a 6-speed manual. The other offering for this market is going to be the 3.2-liter inline 5 diesel which can provide with ease more than 200 horsepower and 480 N*m of torque which is quite impressive. Its biggest strong point though is going to be the massive torque available from really low down the rev range as well as the better than average fuel consumption. In Europe on the other hand, the 2016 Ford Ranger diesel will also be available with a 2.2-liter inline 4 oil burner which can provide anything between 110 and 150 horsepower and up to 350 N*m of torque. All of these engines will come with a manual gearbox and rear wheel drive while Ford’s new 10-speed automatic might also be used on the 2.0-liter version of the pickup truck. The only drawback is that the maximum towing rating will be less than 4000 pounds which is just way too low for a truck like this.

New Ford Ranger 2016 review, price, specs

2016 Ford Ranger interior changes

The exterior of the new Ford Ranger 2016 will also change quite a bit and despite the fact many thought that it will be an all new design, it seems that only the front end of the truck is going to be updated with a new grille more similar to that of the Edge crossover as well as similar headlights to that crossover. The wheels will also be updated with new designs and an off-road model with all terrain tires might be offered in certain markets. The truck will only be offered with a 4-door cab and a shorter than usual bed which is a bit of a downside when we compare it with the others in this class but it should be a nice choice for people looking for this specific truck type. Inside the cabin the US model will be slightly toned down with less equipment in the base form that the European or Australian versions. This is because Ford had to keep the costs down and in order to does that, the 2016 Ford Ranger will only come with a base stereo system as well as cloth seats and harder plastics on the dashboard.

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